About OMMP

Oregon Military Museum Project


The Oregon Military Museum Project’s purpose is to raise funds necessary to complete the construction, exhibits, and interior amenities of the Oregon Military Museum, and to help support its future operations.


OMMP’s vision is to be the primary supporter of a world-class museum that inspires, informs, and celebrates Oregon’s veterans and citizen service members, sharing the stories of Oregon’s military service men and women. 


OMMP’s mission is to support the Oregon Military Museum through partnership, education, procurement, and preservation of military history and resources, thereby honoring veterans by sharing their collective experiences of sacrifice, courage, and the character of military service.

Oregon Military Museum


To inspire and educate visitors about Oregon’s military heritage and legacy to include the National Guard, the state’s early militia, and all branches
of the Armed Forces. To meet its professional stewardship obligations for the historical artifacts and archives entrusted to its care.