Bricks of Honor

We invite you to support the  Oregon Military Museum with the tax-deductible purchase of an HONOR BRICK.

Your support will help build a world-class museum that illuminates Oregon’s military history and inspires respect for those who serve our country. It is with the support of individuals such as yourselves, and with the same spirit of volunteerism and selflessness of our past, present, and future service members, that the Oregon Military Museum will stand as a legacy to all of the Oregonians who served.


Brick Size: 8″x4″
Copy: One Line
Cost: $200

Brick Size: 8″x4″
Copy: Two Lines
Cost: $225

Brick Size: 8″x4″
Copy: Three Lines
Cost: $250

Brick Size: 8″x4″
Copy: Four Lines
Cost: $1000

Special thanks to:
Steve Edwards Video and Voice