Marie is a native Oregonian who was born in Salem Oregon. Through her genealogical research Marie has learned that both her mother’s and father’s families traveled to Oregon on the Oregon Trail making her a fifth generation Oregonian.  Marie grew up In Salem. Her father Eugene was a lawyer who served in the U.S. Army. He initially joined the Reserves in 1926 while at the University of Oregon and was called to active duty in November 1940 and deployed to the Philippines. When war broke out he fought with his troops being awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action.  He fortunately survived the Bataan Death March and several years as a POW in both the Philippines and Japan. Her brother Doyle served in Vietnam and was wounded there. Obviously, the Military was a part of Marie’s experience growing up and the sacrifices these two men made has given Marie a strong desire to preserve the memory and appreciation for all who have served.

Most recently Marie has successfully owned and operated three UPS Stores in the local area. Marie first became a UPS Store owner in 2010. In addition to owning and operating the stores Marie also served as the President of the Regional Marketing Co-op. In this position she worked with the Co-op Board to manage the ad budget and direct marketing campaigns that boosted sales for the stores in the region. During Marie’s time as President she moved the marketing from traditional print and broadcast in digital programs that were more targeted and more effective.

Last year Marie sold her UPS Stores. She is now dedicating her time to several areas that she enjoys and also feels drawn to.  One of those areas is volunteering at the Oregon Military Museum. Through her family experience she has a deep appreciation for those who have served and a desire to not only remember but honor their sacrifice and service.

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